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The Evolving Peacemaker: A Commitment to Nonviolence

Amazon #1 Best Seller and award-winning book that received the 2017 Living Now Evergreen Medal for World Peace and 2018 Gold Medals from the Beverly Hills Book Awards and the eLit Book Awards!

What does our future hold? Is it possible for humanity to exist indefinitely in a world overrun with wars, intolerance, and terrorism? Will our civilization that is steeped in centuries of violence eventually learn how to interact with one another in respectful and compassionate ways?

The Evolving Peacemaker: A Commitment to Nonviolence seeks to address these issues by taking a compelling look at the timeless teachings of Mahatma Gandhi, one of the most respected and influential figures of the twentieth century.


Beginning with a foreword by Arun Gandhi, celebrated peace activist and grandson of Mahatma Gandhi, The Evolving Peacemaker takes the reader on a compelling journey of self-discovery.

This volume weaves Gandhi's philosophy of nonviolence with author Leona Evans' personal journey toward inner peace.

The Evolving Peacemaker is a thought-provoking and inspiring guide to becoming the change we wish to see in the world.

Before It's Too Late:

An Essay on Spiritual Activism in a Politically Charged World

This 15-page essay describes the Gandhi-King philosophy of nonviolent social action which includes time-honored methods of integrating political activism with progressive spiritual principles. It represents nonviolent engagement in its highest form. From this perspective we can demonstrate that the power of love is stronger and more effective than any form of violence and that the best in us will always triumph!

Meditations for Transformation:

Awakening the Soul Through the Enneagram

The Enneagram has become one of the most popular systems of self-discovery for those on the path of personal transformation. Leona Evans and Mark Welch combine meditations and original music to present a powerful tool for integration and transformation. The complexities of the individual types are addressed both intuitively and musically as each meditation aspires to lift the listener to higher levels of personal expression. The presentation begins with a meditation intended for all the types and continues with specifically designed meditations for each individual personality type.

A Quest For Peace: Nonviolence Among Religions

Young filmmaker, Matthew J. Evans, takes a look at one of the most pressing issues in our modern society: violence among religions. Through discussions with Arun Gandhi, grandson of M.K. Gandhi, and local religious leaders from the Central Coast of California, Matthew learns powerful lessons about nonviolence and acceptance of both ourselves and others. As M.K. Gandhi has said, "We must become the change we wish to see in our world." This film discusses how we can make these changes.

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